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Propecia (Finasteride) is the first and only approved medication that has been clinically proven to treat male pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of the head) and anterior (mid-scalp area). 

FDA Approved Treatments

Food and Drug Administration has approved mainly important two treatments that are Rogaine and Propecia. FDA is an authentic institution that approves drugs and food in America...

Propecia & Finasteride

There are many ways for the treatment of hair loss invented in the world to today. A lot of medicines have been made in order to tackle this growing trouble of hair loss in the modern world among them Propecia & Finasteride..

Hair Loss Treatments

If we see few years back, then we will come to know that medicines in the field of hair treatment have made tremendous progress in securing hair loss. With the arrival of Propecia and the starting of surgical hair restoration..

Androgenic Alopecia as a Cause of Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia is a very common condition, passed down genetically from ascendant to descendant. The prime instigating factor in causing this condition is a hormone called androgen...

Advances in Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common problem among men, that is increasingly becoming a concern for women who also suffer the condition. For people experiencing balding to any degree, the problems are actually numerous...

FDA Approved Treatments

The US food and drugs Administration FDA has given treatments of hair, which are natural or holistic remedies, these are the approved treatments from FDA. Food and Drug Administration has approved mainly important two treatments that are Rogaine and Propecia. FDA is an authentic institution that approves drugs and food in America. It is not easy to get an approval from FDA authority. In order to get an approval from FDA drug or medicine must go through a long and tedious process of applications, then you will have to go through a clinical trails, and testing of that prescribed medicines or drugs. In this process many years collapse and it is not easy to afford, it is really expensive to bear. Big drug companies can afford this process of FDA approval when they sale their drugs but smaller companies cannot afford the expenditure and they simply go bankrupt in this process of FDA approval of treatments of hair loss. The FDA approves the drugs and food items only for the use of prescription and non-prescription use.

The Rogaine is a treatment of hair loss approved by FDA. The company that is making this medicine is so strong that can afford the expenses of becoming the Rogaine a FDA approved medicine in the market. In 1988, Food And Drug Administration has recognized Rogaine in prescription status and approved it as a treatment of hair loss. This approval of treatment of hair loss was not for women but for men. Rogaine contains Minoxidil. Minoxidil is normally used for the keeping the blood pressure low but it has an interesting side effect that it stimulates hair growth in men. If you start to use this medicine it is interesting you cannot stop your hair loss will resume. And it has also been noted that it becomes the cause of hair loss and in other side effects it becomes the cause of low blood pressure, severe headache. It also creates irregularity in heartbeats, chest pain and blurred vision. If you face such types of symptoms then consult your doctor immediately.

One of the side effects of Minoxidil is an itchy scalp. In some small, rare cases, it can cause hair loss. Other side effects include very low blood pressure, headaches, irregular or fast heartbeat, acne at the site of application, blurred vision, and chest pains. If you experience any one of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately.

Propecia is another treatment of hair and it has been approved by the FDA for use it for both men and women in April 1997. It is available in the market under the many names such as Proscar, finasteride, that is required to treat androgenetic alopecia. This is the medicine that is curing many diseases of hair loss. Obviously this medicine has its side effects also. So you should use all those medicines, which suit you whether FDA approves these medicines.

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